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About The Masonic College of Art & Science

M.C.A.S. is a non-accredited, non-degree institution.

The Masonic College of Arts and Sciences (M.C.A.S.) is a private liberal arts college who offers educational courses based on the synthesis of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science for those in search of higher understanding beyond that found in traditional universities and dogmatic institutions. The curricula has been designed to encourage individuals to use every tool at their disposal in the search for Truth and promotion of human evolution. M.C.A.S. endorses the integrated approach to its studies and discourages Reductionism-approach used in higher educational institutions.

M.C.A.S. was instituted to restore the ancient mystery school philosophy and to fulfill the educational void created by modern education. The college is founded on the purest principles of Nature, Science, Art, and Innovation and its curriculum is designed around their synthesis. The Modern Seven Liberal Arts serves as the curriculum backbone to the four cornerstones as the vigorous study of the Seven Liberal Arts liberates the mind from dogma and directly harmonizes life into one Nature shared by all. The motto, "Wisdom is the Guardian of All Things" was adopted for the college as it directs Man to transform His knowledge into wisdom and reestablishes His responsibility in Nature as Its Guardian.


"Wisdom is the Custodian of All Things" is the motto for the College because of its clear call to Masonic aultruism. Wisdom is a virtue which all persons, not just Masons, ought to strive for. Thus, to be a true caretaker, one must endeavor oneself to study the secrets of Nature and Science while maintaining the inspiration of the spirit so that he may understand what he watches over.


M.C.A.S. is a modern mystery school whose aim is to provide a unique educational framework for the life-long student. The College aspires to make a transformation in the processes of consciousness in both student and teacher by combining the philosophies of Art and Science from around the world in a dynamic and personal virtual classroom.


Students, both Mason and non-Mason, who wish to enact transformation within themselves as well as affect change in his or her's community should consider taking courses with M.C.A.S. Each class is designed for 6-10 students to fully engage with their teacher on physical and metaphysical topics through the scope of philosophy and science. The online platform allows a diverse discussion to be had with students from around the world.

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Rerum Sapientia Custos

"Wisdom is the Custodian of All Things"

Course Description

Classes offered are non-accredited, 1.5 hours per week for 10 weeks, with a certificate of completion at the end. Enjoy an Ala Carte education delivered online in small live classrooms by expert faculty. You’ll be challenged and inspired while embracing the flexibility of an online education.