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MCAS provides an education that supports lifelong learning across a wide range of transformative courses grounded in Ancient Wisdom and Scientific Philosophy. It is our aim to support lifelong, integrated learning across a wide range of enrichment courses grounded in the synthesis of philosophy, science, and metaphysics. MCAS is looking for the non-traditional student and non-traditional thinker who is personally motivated in developing their intellectual, physical, and spiritual bodies and are of 21 years of age or older. Prospective students are asked to write a 500-word essay on who they are, what they believe Humanity is lacking, and how they will contribute to the evolution of Humanity.

  • Classes currently offered are non-accredited, 1.5 hours per week for 10 weeks, with a certificate of completion at the end. Enjoy an Ala Carte education delivered online in small live classrooms by expert faculty. You’ll be challenged and inspired while embracing the flexibility of an online education.

  • All prospective students over 21 years of age are eligible to apply for admission. Students must be capable of reading and writing in the language of which the class is presented in.

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